Changes to Linssi Manual Part II: SCRIPTS AND INTERFACES v.1.1

Date: December 21, 2006
Author: Jarmo Ala-Heikkilä
Version: 1.1 (final)

Here I give a list of significant changes to Linssi manual part II: SCRIPTS AND INTERFACES since the release of its 5th draft in July 2006.

1. Script changes

The release package of scripts dated July 7, 2006, has not been changed at all. An update is anticipated in mid-2007.

2. Documentation improvements

Lots of typos and wording has been corrected. Below we list the ones you probably need to pay some attention to.

It should be noted that Chapters 3-10 of the manual are made semi-automatically from the scripts themselves. Many typos and unclear formulations have been found in these parts of the manual, but they were left uncorrected until the next script update.

The document was put in report covers of Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) and officially released.
Chapter 2
The chapter was completely rewritten. In addition to a more up-to-date presentation of the LinssiWorld interface, the explanation of Linssi configuration was added and documentation instructions for Linssi scripts were moved here.
Chapters 3-9
Links to AKu-format explanation and ODBC documentation were added to beginnings of appropriate Chapters.
Section 11.1
A footnote was added stressing that the Linssi connection of UniSampo-Shaman is implemented in the shaman_run script.
Section 11.2 and 12.2
Some text was added to explain the complications in the sampleId key.
Section 11.2 and Chapter 13
The parameters sourceDensity and sourceThickness were added.
Chapter 14
The AKu file format documentation was updated.
Chapter Bibliography
The references were updated.
Appendix A
The installation instructions were updated on a few points. The instructions for CTBT scripts were added as section A.3.