License for LINSSI

LINSSI scripts

The Apache License, Version 2.0, is applied for the released LINSSI database scripts. The license document is included in the script package.

The Apache v.2.0 license terms are applied, because they allow the users to modify the scripts for their own application and even distribute them further. The idea is also that any generically improved scripts are returned to the script repository, leading to a community development in open source spirit.

LINSSI database

The copyright terms for the LINSSI database itself are more limiting. The terms are defined in LINSSI manual Part I, page i, and reproduced on this web page. They are much stricter than those for scripts due to two main reasons:

  1. For compatibility reasons, both regarding distribution of scripts and transfer of LINSSI data within LINSSI users and especially between LINSSI databases, the core tables shall not be modified. (Add-on tables are completely OK.)
  2. Following the standard academic citation practice, the developers of LINSSI wish to be credited for their efforts when LINSSI is utilized.

Any development ideas concerning the core tables of LINSSI shall be communicated to the LINSSI Users' Group. If the developments are found justified, the LUG may make a new LINSSI release with a different version number.