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LINSSI - Database for Gamma-Ray Spectrometry

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Fission products found in the database

LINSSI is an SQL database for gamma-ray spectrometry. It is being developed in collaboration with the Department of Applied Physics of Aalto University (Aalto/DAP) (previously TKK = Helsinki University of Technology), the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), and the Radiation Protection Bureau, Health Canada (HC RPB). LINSSI is freely available for all registered users, i.e., for users who let the developers know that they have installed the software.

There are currently two released versions of LINSSI: v.1.1 and v.2.3. The former was released in July 2006 and the latter in August 2011. Both versions are supported, but the development effort is concentrated on the scripts for the new version.

LINSSI v.2.3 is recommended for new users, because it has additional features like support for alpha and beta-gamma measurements and because some shortcomings of v.1.1 have been remedied in v.2.3. However, there is no pressure to upgrade existing v.1.1 databases to v.2.3.

  • NOTE: LINSSI v.2.2 was released in August 2010, but it has been superseded by v.2.3. The differences are small, so it is easy to upgrade a v.2.2 database to v.2.3. Most of the v.2.2 scripts work with v.2.3 too.
  • NOTE: LINSSI v.1.1 is recommended for CTBT laboratories, since the lab-specific scripts have not yet been upgraded for v.2.3.

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